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Welcome to juicemakr.com, your new move-to supply for the whole lot juicy! My name is Gunther Adam, and I’m excited to share with you the world of vibrant flavors, wholesome living, and the art of taste.

Born and raised in beautiful Paris, I actually have always been attracted to the colorful and varied global of fruits and vegetables. Their textures, flavors and the infinite possibilities they offer have involved me due to the fact early life.

This ardour became my passion, and led me on an exquisite journey that culminated inside the advent of this internet site.

For the beyond 3 years I have had the pride of running at local Parisian gem Bob’s Juicebar, recognised for its commitment to efficiency and creativity in the juice world, now not handiest did this revel in supply me a deeper knowledge is tough simplest in phrases of manufacturing.

juicemakr.com isn’t just a website; It is a reflection of my travels, a platform to percentage my accrued know-how, with the local Sahara bushes. Here, you’ll discover everything from testimonies in the back of the bar to recipes and hints at Bob’s Juice Bar. 

Whether you are an experienced juice maker or simply beginning out, I desire to inspire you to discover the remarkable world of juice.

My task is simple: to spread the joy and blessings of water far and huge. I trust that a glass of clean water can brighten a person’s day and help enhance their nice of life. 

Through juicemakr.com, I purpose to empower you to make your very own incredible juices, find out new flavors, and revel in the adventure as a lot because the destination.


Merci d’être devenu membre de moi dans ce doux voyage. Il y en a beaucoup ici.

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